Flagle Game: Guess the Flag

Flagle is a game designed to evaluate your geographical expertise. The rules are straightforward: your task is to accurately identify the flag of a randomly chosen country, and you're granted six attempts to achieve this. If you happen to falter, you'll uncover additional portions of the concealed flag with each subsequent try. Furthermore, you'll receive geographical hints pertaining to the whereabouts of the target country. Can you successfully deduce the flag of a random country within six tries?

How to play Flagle?

  1. Enter your first guess

    Click on the field beneath the concealed flag and choose any country from the list. Afterward, utilize the hints regarding the direction and distance from the chosen country to the target country to formulate a second guess. Enter your first guess
  2. Enter subsequent guesses

    Input your subsequent guesses and take note of the geographical cues. The distance in kilometers will indicate the proximity of the target country, while the arrow will indicate the direction in which to search for the country whose flag is concealed. Enter subsequent guesses
  3. Try to guess the country

    You have a total of six attempts to correctly guess the country. Following each unsuccessful try, a new section of the flag will be revealed until the entire flag is displayed. Try to guess the country
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